Chemistry Discovery is a chemistry course

                    AND a chemistry outreach program

Dr. Tomat created and launched Chemistry Discovery in 2012. University of Arizona undergraduate students enrolled in CHEM 396D Chemistry Discovery are exposed to the rewarding experience of promoting chemistry among younger students from local middle schools. They learn how to connect chemistry knowledge with everyday life as they develop inquiry-based activities that facilitate chemistry learning. The main objective for the course is the design, development and execution of a series of workshops for visiting middle schools (grades 6-8) at the University of Arizona Flandrau Science Center.

CHEM 396D students learn to apply the knowledge acquired in their chemistry classes in order to develop activities that prompt our visitors to discover chemical concepts in their daily experience and explore the chemical properties of common objects in the world around us.

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Since Fall 2012, with help and advice from Chemistry & Biochemistry colleagues Drs. Nancy Horton, John Jewett and Hamish Christie, we focused on several content units organized in separate workstations. Topics included the chemistry of batteries, DNA, fluorescent chromophores, pH and oxygen indicators, polymeric materials, the properties of metals, and many more.

Info for teachers

The Chemistry Discovery workshops maintain an interactive and dynamic atmosphere in order to encourage students to ask questions, make observations and draw conclusions in activities that aim at recapitulating the experiences of scientists in the fields of chemistry and biochemistry.

Furthermore, our program promotes higher education by providing an opportunity for middle-school students to discuss scientific observations while interacting with college students.

When and Where

Chemistry Discovery workshops will be available from 10:15 to 11:30 AM on Wednesdays in October/November 2019 in the Discovery Lab at the Flandrau Science Center on the University of Arizona campus.

Info for students

CHEM 396D Chemistry Discovery is a 1-unit undergraduate course offered in the Fall. Attendance is required and two semesters of general chemistry are preferred.

Since Fall 2014, graduate students have been able to participate by enrolling in CHEM 596D.

In Fall 2019, the class meets on Wednesday mornings (10:00-11:50 AM).

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